In December 2017 I was invited by Sector 2337, Chicago, to perform as part of the third Annual Festival of Poets Theater. Participants in the festival were invited to interpret the book It Shall Be Made of Jasper and Coral by Werewere Liking. The novel that operates between lyric poetry, epistolary writing and a sort of Socratic dialogue between two west African men, Grozi and Babou. The story is narrated by an Ivorian of a future where everyone is gender non-binary identified.

Inspired by Noh Theater, I cut a large mask out of Styrofoam and tape, performing through its eyes and mouth as the different voices in the text (the narrator, Grozi and Babou). I used a voice modulator to perform as the different voices, calibrating my voice between lines, in front of the audience. Often times in fiction, characters assemble as different aspects of their author’s life, their desires and fears for example, in this way, I hoped that the mask and performance might serve as a portrait of the author.